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Angel Ramírez has been searching five hundred years for an escape from his dark existence. What he didn’t expect was to fall in love with someone who has all the answers to a future he’s desperate for. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Lily Thompson isn’t the type that likes loud parties or going out at the end of a long day, but finals week has her more anxious than normal and her roommate, Anne, insisted a night of drinks and dancing at the nightclub would take her mind off things. What should’ve been a fun night out ended with Lily being attacked in an alley and rescued by a man she swore had wings. 

As terrifying as the whole thing was, she is captivated by the mystery man and he in turn can’t stay away. She accepts his reality in the shadows all too easily and then there are those dreams that wake her up at night…

She’s a light in the darkness he’s afraid may be snuffed out by his mere existence, but she has a secret of her own, a secret she’s not even aware of that can make all the difference for him. Just as Lily uncovers the truth about herself, her darkest fears return. She has few options. She must find the strength to face a painful past, or be buried by it.

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Fake-date a hot guy and make your high school nemesis jealous? Why not?

Madison Sinclair was a mean girl in high school, but not anymore. Now, she's studying to open her own clothing store, but when she runs into her enemy from high school things get petty.


Jared McAdams just got dumped by his girlfriend, but plans to win her back. In return for keeping Madison's witchy secret, he asks her to fake-date him to make his ex jealous.


Madison never dreamed of going back to her mean girl ways, but making her high school nemesis jealous might be worth it.


Mortal among the light or master of the shadows?

As Tori and Jamie break the surface of the lake, new guardians wait with a revelation that will change their circle and force them to act before the Shadow Mistress can strike again. With an explanation for Tori’s strange abilities and a plan to use them to seal the gate for good, the circle is ready to put an end to demon-hunting. One problem stands in their way, a missing piece that makes sealing the gate more difficult and makes doing so far more dangerous.

Tori is stronger than ever and with help from a peculiar new friend, she learns to harness her powers. Everyone is full of hope as a way to seal the gate without a complete circle is discovered. Jamie starts to open up. He’s more relaxed and for the first time begins to plan for a future free of demons and encourages Tori to do the same. With everything she’s ever wanted in reach, Tori learns a truth that shatters it all. There’s something worse than fate coming, something she must choose or risk losing it all.


Find your match. Become mortal again. 


The entire town of Burbrook, Colorado is still reeling from the night of the BHS homecoming dance. Tori and her circle of guardians may be safe from the ferryman, but they know that the Shadow Mistress won’t rest for long. After the circle gains a surprising new member they feel safer than ever, but things quickly take a turn. Tori discovers that there are more strange things about her abilities than they first thought and while this makes hunting demons easier, her newfound talents are far from comforting.

First, there are the voices. Then, her dreams become reality and she’s stalked by a classmate she knows to be dead. Tori decides to keep it all from the circle. The last thing she needs is Jamie’s worry, especially after what happened at homecoming. The tension between them only worsens after the sudden appearance of an old friend, further separating Tori from Jamie and leading her to keep more secrets. She must decide between coming clean and strengthening her entire circle against the Shadow Mistress or staying quiet to keep their tragic fate at bay.


Guardians of the Sixth Gate. Complete the circle. Find your match.

Victoria “Tori” Johnson wants senior year to be different. Tired of being the straight-laced brainiac living in the shadow of her best friend, she agrees to go to her first high school party where she gets in an accident that should’ve killed her. Instead, she wakes up to discover that boring Burbrook isn’t as quiet as it seems.
Jamie Quinn, and his mysterious sister, Izzy, introduce her to their circle of guardians and an underground world where supernatural abilities and dark creatures run rampant. Without a complete circle of guardians, the trio are left to destroy the evil that finds its way through the gate.
As if fighting demons wasn’t hard enough, the Ferryman from the Shadowlands launches a hunt for Tori’s blood. The trio search for ways to protect her and the reason why her blood is so important. Tori worries that there may be more to Jamie Quinn than leather jackets and straight-A’s. He might be her match. A match would strengthen their circle and render them both mortal, but it would come at a devastating price. Is it possible to outrun fate or will resisting destroy any chance they have of sealing the gate for good?


Kenna Riley is Aldierian, but no one but her adoptive father knows and no one else can. All she wants is to escape poverty in her village. All that changes when her identity is outed, she’s branded a terrorist, and is sentenced to death in the arena.

Kieran Grace wants to leave the capital of Gallaterra and get as far away from his father as he can. After speaking out against the war with the Aldierans one too many times, he’s ordered to live up to his family’s legacy by killing an Aldierian in the arena. 

Together they do something no one else has, escape the arena and learn a Gallaterran secret along the way. In their search for help from the Aldierians, they find adventure and opportunity that they never thought they’d be allowed. It makes their mission even more dangerous. Despite fighting together, they both must decide what is worth sacrificing alone.

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