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Mortal among the light or master of the shadows?

As Tori and Jamie break the surface of the lake, new guardians wait with a revelation that will change their circle and force them to act before the Shadow Mistress can strike again. With an explanation for Tori’s strange abilities and a plan to use them to seal the gate for good, the circle is ready to put an end to demon-hunting. One problem stands in their way, a missing piece that makes sealing the gate more difficult and makes doing so far more dangerous.

Tori is stronger than ever and with help from a peculiar new friend, she learns to harness her powers. Everyone is full of hope as a way to seal the gate without a complete circle is discovered. Jamie starts to open up. He’s more relaxed and for the first time begins to plan for a future free of demons and encourages Tori to do the same. With everything she’s ever wanted in reach, Tori learns a truth that shatters it all. There’s something worse than fate coming, something she must choose or risk losing it all.

Mistress of Shadows | Signed Paperback

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