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Find your match. Become mortal again.


The entire town of Burbrook, Colorado is still reeling from the night of the BHS homecoming dance. Tori and her circle of guardians may be safe from the ferryman, but they know that the Shadow Mistress won't rest for long. After the circle gains a surprising new member they feel safer than ever, but things quickly take a turn. Tori discovers that there are more strange things about her abilities than they first thought and while this makes hunting demons easier, her newfound talents are far from comforting.

First, there are the voices. Then, her dreams become reality and she's stalked by a classmate she knows to be dead. Tori decides to keep it all from the circle. The last thing she needs is Jamie's worry, especially after what happened at homecoming. The tension between them only worsens after the sudden appearance of an old friend, further separating Tori from Jamie and leading her to keep more secrets. She must decide between coming clean and strengthening her entire circle against the Shadow Mistress or staying quiet to keep their tragic fate at bay.

Shade of the Shadowlands | Signed Paperback

13.2 Ounces
Excluding Sales Tax
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